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speak japaneseKonnichiwa, and welcome to ICanSpeakJapanese.com!

If you are looking for a great place to be introduced to the Japanese language and learn a few of the basics, you’ve found the right place.  This site is here to help you learn Japanese and practice a few common phrases to get you started learning how to speak Japanese.

Speak Confident, Natural Japanese

Maybe you’re planning a trip to Japan for vacation or school.  Maybe you recently got some new Japanese clients at your job.  Maybe you’re just passionate about the Japanese language and culture and you’re eager to learn as much as you can and eventually speak Japanese fluently.

It is actually quite simple to learn Japanese.  Most English-speakers, however, believe that Japanese is very difficult.  This misconception is based primarily on the fact that the grammar is so radically different from English.  But once you let go and really let yourself become immersed in the language, you’ll see for yourself just how easy it actually is.

Another common reason that people feel intimidated when they start to learn Japanese, is because of the unfamiliar writing system.  But like your own alphabet, Japanese characters become easy to read and understand once you get some practice under your belt.

The important thing is to learn at your own pace.  Don’t rush yourself and don’t feel like you need to move faster than you feel comfortable.  So take as much time as you need and go over the material again and again until you feel that you have a good understanding of it.

Take it little by little and try to practice regularly (every day, if possible).  It can also help to study with a friend who can speak Japanese or get some learn Japanese software to help you with things like pronunciation, writing certain characters, or just “getting” anything else that you just can’t learn from reading words on a page.

But the most important thing to keep in mind as you learn Japanese, is to have fun and enjoy yourself.  Learning a new language is like having a new set of eyes through which you can see the world.  It makes you reevaluate and appreciate things that you may currently take for granted.  When you learn how to write or speak Japanese, you’ll surly be in for an exciting adventure.

This site contains lots of great information you can use to help you learn Japanese quickly.

There are loads of Japanese grammar lessons, guides on how to learn Japanese characters, and lists of useful Japanese phrases for a variety of occasions.  You’ll learn how to speak Japanese in no time.

So take a look around, get started and learn Japanese starting today!

Speak Confident, Natural Japanese