Japanese Pod 101 Review

japanese pod 101 reviewWebsite Reviewed:  Japanese Pod 101
Reviewer:  Billy Buchanan

This Japanese Pod 101 review examines the popular web-based learning website Japanese Pod 101.  This website is set up to deliver you with hours of content to help you learn and master the Japanese language.

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Japanese Pod 101 Review – My Take

Do you think you’re too busy to learn Japanese?  Chances are you’re not.  There’s lots of “wasted” time in our everyday lives like driving to work, walking between classes, working out at the gym, and so much more.

Japanese Pod 101 is great for putting this time to use and helping you learn Japanese quickly.  You can simply download a few of their lessons, put them on your iPod, and listen to them while you’re riding the bus, walking your dog, or running errands all around town.

This is a brilliant idea and it makes Japanese learning fun, easy, and enjoyable without having to devote huge blocks of time studying at a desk.

Japanese Pod 101 Review – What You Get

You can go to their website and sign-up for a free account that gives you access to all the goodies that they have on the site for seven days.  After this trial period is over, you can sign up for one of three membership options:

Basic – This option gives you access to all their audio archives, culture lessons, and Kanji writing lessons, which is probably what you need to get started and get the basic concepts down.

Premium – This option gives you everything in the basic membership plus a whole bunch of extra features to help you perfect pronunciation, build your vocabulary, prepare for the JLPT exam, and a host of other things.

PremiumPLUS - This is the mother-load.  Not only do you access to everything in the premium membership, but you’ll also have the option to one-on-one instructor training and a personalized plan of study.  This option is for people that are really serious about learning Japanese.

Online Store
- The site also has an online store where you can get all the extra tools you need to really master Japanese.  You can get flashcards for Kana and Kanji, electronic dictionaries for easy reference while traveling to Japan, and iPod applications that teach you stroke order for writing characters.

Japanese Pod 101 Review – What You Learn

Japanese Pod 101 is an extensive program that covers all the bases.  They have modules that will teach you common expressions and phrases as well as building on those and showing you more advanced sayings that you can use to impress your Japanese professor or friends in Japan.  Pretty much every aspect of learning Japanese is covered with Japanese Pod 101.

Japanese Pod 101 Review – Bottom Line

If you want to learn Japanese, but you’re already strapped for time, Japanese Pod 101 is an excellent program that will put your “wasted” time to better use.  You’re already commuting to work or school, so why not learn Japanese at the same time?

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