Useful Japanese Phrases and Vocabulary

Useful Japanese PhrasesAlthough I usually recommend that you start learning Japanese by studying the grammar and writing systems, learning a few useful Japanese phrases can really help you start things off on the right foot.  It can give you an early boost in confidence, inspire you to keep learning, and get you ready to start speaking Japanese immediately.

This section of the site shows you useful Japanese phrases that will help you during your time in Japan.  There are several lessons here to help you get prepared to speak some of the basics and survive in Japanese culture.  Take the time to study them carefully.

Think You’re Too Busy to Learn Japanese?

The Japanese greetings lesson will help you learn useful Japanese phrases on how to greet and introduce yourself to people in Japanese.  Greeting are an excellent place to start because, after all, how can you really talk to someone without meeting them first?  These can be helpful whether you are meeting business clients or making new friends.  After this you will prepared walk into a room of strangers and confidently meet them, tell them who you are, and learn their names.

The Japanese basic phrases lesson will show you some simple things you should learn to help you find your way from point A to point B or ask for directions in Japan.  You’ll also learn how to enjoy your free time with some easy phrases to help you while you’re out shopping or dining at restaurants.  This information is absolutely essential if you’re planning to travel to Japan in the near future.

Continuing on, the Japanese days of the week lesson will help you learn not only the simple days of the week but other Japanese holidays and special occasions that you might need to know about when traveling or doing business in Japan.

The Japanese numbers and Japanese counting lessons teach you basic numbers and the somewhat more sophisticated system of japanese “counter” terms used to count various objects and people.  Learning the difference between these two is a clear mark that you’re not just a Japanese “newbie.”

Finally, you can read the Japanese love phrases section to help you tell that special someone that you may have met on your trip exactly how you feel or impress the object of your affection back home with all the Japanese you’ve learned…

Once you feel that you’ve got a good understanding of these useful Japanese phrases, make the effort to either learn Japanese characters or study Japanese grammar lessons.  If you’ve got the extra time, these will really help you get a better understanding of the Japanese language and get you even more prepared to handle life in Japan.

Master Simple Survival Phrases in Japanese Fast

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